This deadly disease has touch us all many of us have lost family and friends, and many of us have survived. Let us continue to pray and support one another, the best way to survive is Trusting in God and keeping the Faith that this disease will stop attacking the human race.

We need to pay attention to the way we eat how we live if you’re body is tellling you to slow down, then you need to slow down. Do yourself a favor & take a weekend trip,  working yourself to be six feet under will not improve health. Eat fresh fruits and veggies mom was right! Stay away from greasy foods that have no nutritional values, drinks with high fruitose syrups, high cholesterol and sodium. There are many hidden dangers in our foods even in frozen package items, when you go to the store take the time to read the food labels just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean it’s for you.

take care of each other & yourself