Can you imagine the world without Chocolate? Chocolate is Sinful! It’s Decadent! To die for! Chocolate not only appeals to the senses, it has a variety of beneficial ingredients that may do everything from lifting your mood to helping you heart.

But why do we love chocolate? For the obvious answer, rich & creamy flavor. We love chocolate primarily because it taste so good. Eveytime we taste chocolate it stimulates our memory for us. Some of us eat chocolate when were stressed out, after a long day of strenuous  activities. Whether its milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate, it’s a sexy food. Chocolate creamy texture contributes to its sensual quality, aficionados say.

I  love of chocolate, one of my favorite gifts I give to friends & coworkers during the holiday season, is box of chocolates. This year I decided to make my own I found this recipe in my recipe box and I wanted to share it with you. Mix & Match Chocolate Bark, you can use  your favorite chocolate, all kinds of crunchy & chewy toppings as well as spices. This DIY recipe leads to 1000 possibilities!

The above pictures were made by me: Right photo : White Chocolate+Peppermints+Mini Marshmallows. Photo two: Milk Chocolate+Marshmallow cream+Graham Cracker Crumbs.

The recipe can be found under chocolate bark.