According to the Oxford English Dictionary giving is cause someone to have, get, or experience something.

Christmas is not about the lighted tree with all the pretty lights, Santa, Rudolph, expensive gifts, a fancy dinner, desserts, and premium liquors & imported beers. It’s about showing random acts of kindness to others who are less fortunate than you are.

We have so much to be thankful for in 2012 were alive, healthy, have a wonderful family, great friends, a job, shelter, clothing, & food. To be Bless by God means that you’re grateful for what you have without all of the complaining and murmuring.

Selfish is concerned mainly with your own needs or wishes. To many humans are selfish and it’s causing so much unbalance on the planet.How do you know when your selfish? when the homeless on the street ask you for a penny and you REFUSE  to give them the change in your pocket or buy them a meal? or know someone who has lost everything and you wouldn’t offer them to stay @ one your homes for free? or you could have prevented your co-worker from getting fired when you knew they were innocent.

It’s amazing how selfish people this morning will be looking under the tree for their gifts and didn’t even bother to help not one person this year, SHAME ON THEM! When you hear them say “nobody has ever lifted a finger for me so why should I do for somebody else” you know they’re a big fat Liar. People in the past have helped them, but they never said thank you in return. Bad karma will get you for being unappreciative, all you’re doing is bringing negativity on yourself.

Christmas is about the birth & life of JESUS. When He was here on earth He surrounded Himself with common folks like you & I: He healed the sick, feed the hunger, clothe the naked, gave sight to the blind, raised the dead, & so much more. Jesus showed random acts of kindness everyday, He didn’t care about who was watching Him and who didn’t like Him, He just did it! His Love & kindness is an example for all of us, you don’t have to be rich to help someone.

Act of kindness: mentoring a child, shopping for an elderly neighbor, giving a church member a ride home, donating food, books, clothes, shoes, doing yard work, shoveling someones’ driveway, hold the door open for someone & etc. These tasks shouldn’t happen only during the holidays but all year round. This is what it means to be a Blessing to someone else helping them to grow and you being a beautiful person. God Blesses those people who help others.

Encourage people achieve the best; dominated people achieved second best; rejected people achieve the least. – Anonymous