chocolate toffee
Fun Facts about Toffee:

Toffee are hard, chewy candies made by combining some type of sugar (white, brown, molasses) with water and butter & sometimes include flour and cream. Many Confectioners add nuts, typically almonds to the molten mixture. While still bubbling & liquid, the toffee is poured into a shallow pan or over a marble table for cooling. Once cooled it is broken into pieces for dipping or enrobing in various chocolates and sometimes finished with another coating of nuts.

These toffee bars are not your average candy bar that you buy from your favorite store. I made these bars to hand out to friends for gifts, this recipe is  super easy to make, the crust is made with vanilla wafer cookies, brown sugar, & butter. The filling is a buttery toffee, then topped off with chocolate & nuts.  No a candy thermometer require.  Happy Baking!

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