After shopping @ the mall, I always end up pasting by a cinnamon bun shop. The aroma calls me like a mermaid calls a navy ship @ sea.

When I entered the line is usually long with hunger shoppers, I walk in take a look @ the employee who is pulling fresh cinnamon rolls out of the oven, then they pour a vanilla glaze on top as it drips along the sides. Then I say to myself “turn around & keep it moving”, but before I leave the manager will try to tempt me w/ a sample then I have to again,  & remind myself that “summer is coming & you gotta look good!

Last night I baked a batch of cinnamon roll cupcakes, these cupcakes are much lighter not like the ones you buy @ the mall or the supermarket. These cupcakes are less fattening so you will have less guilt about eating them, super light to the point you really don’t need any icing on them, okay maybe just a little bit. These cupcakes are so good they’re good enough not to share. I did some research and found out those cinnamon rolls that you love so  much, one roll is  880 calories & w/ extra toppings anywhere between 1,050 & up.

cinn. 3

recipe in the recipe section.