Some people say that love stinks, yes sometimes it does when your heart has been broken by someone who has misled you into believing that they were the one and now come to find out, their not. You have invested time and money when you could have sailed around the world or put a down payment on a house or start your business. Because had you known about his or her ^$(!@%#….! self then you could have kept it moving a long time ago, and now you have to pick up the pieces then you say these words “I will never love and trust again, so what’s the point to this thing call love.”
Like I said in Saturday’s post love begins with you. Love brings self-respect it shows you how to focus on fixing you, taking a time out and fix what’s wrong with you. So what about the person who just broke my heart? Don’t worry about them remember it’s all about you honey, it’s about giving yourself an evaluation to fix what’s wrong in your life so when he or she come back sniffing, you can tell him or her in a polite manner take care, it was nice seeing you again.
Loving yourself brings great joy and happiness it gives you a better understanding of your purpose in life. It opens up new opportunities, new doors for you to grow and  to be accepted by someone who will love you for you, not what you have.
We all love candy whether it’s googy, hard, soft, sweet, or tart we can’t get enough of it. We enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late night munchies. We eat it when were driving, riding the bus, train, airplane or sitting around doing nothing. Today’s post is a valentine candy call “Champagne and Strawberry swirl Marshmallows, this is a perfect way to break the ice for that new person, you know the one you let go a few weeks ago, you know the one that you were meant to be with! Sorry about the photos my camera broke recently… yeah tell me about.


valentine candy

valentine candy 2

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