Happy Friday! The weekend is finally here after a long week you deserve a serious break from dealing with all that nonsense you had to put up this week! Now it’s time to sit back and relax and look forward to a Fabulous weekend.
You know this weekend the malls is going to be crowded, everybody is going to be looking for all sorts of gifts for Thursday Valentine’s Day, so instead of you going crazy for that gift for your boo, why not make it a little special and make it yourself.  Homemade chocolates and sweet candy dish. I love to receive heart-felt gifts, like they say it’s the thought that counts!  I can always tell when I receive a last-minute gift 1. the wrapping and bow is offset 2. the tissue paper was used on a pervious gift ( the paper has too many wrinkles) & 3. the gift itself is damage that means they didn’t inspect it properly & remove the price tag. Leaving the price tag is very tacky.
I wanted to something different this year so I made a handmade white chocolate dish with chocolate valentine pieces: love birds, pink and red hearts, teddy bears, and so on. If you’re press for time you can just fill it with strawberries or maraschino cherries, make sure you drained the cherries first on paper towels the dip them in chocolate. This year be different and do it from the heart, your love one and best friends will appreciate you.
I brought my chocolates and candy molds from Wilton. Wilton has a variety of color chocolates: red, pink, lavender, orange, blue (great for baby showers), white, and so on. Their molds are just about for every special occasion-baby, children’s theme parties, sports, wedding, and so. Their chocolate dries much quicker, depending on your kitchen’s temperature they will even dry on the counter. Some people prefer Merchens or Candi quick Chocolates, I used Merchens chocolate before but I didn’t like the consistency, but you decide. Merchens can be purchase at Amazon.

choco. box 2

Yield: 2 lovers

6 inch heart shape pan

Aluminum foil (optional)

1/2 bag Wilton white Candy Melts

1/2 bag of – dark cocoa, pink, and red colors

Vegetable Shortening

1. Read the instructions carefully on the package you two options: double boiler method or microwave the chocolates

2. Pour the melted chocolate in the pan roll the chocolate from side to side & along the top refrigerator for 5 minutes until a shell has formed.

3. Then add a second coating of chocolate again and return back to the refrigerator to harden the shell completely. Repeat to add more coating if you want a thicker shell.

4. When completely hardened, unmold and trim off the excess coating with a sharp knife. I actually warmed my knife blade on the stove to get a clean-cut.

5. Molding the chocolate candies: fill the mold with melted candy melts, using a spoon or fill with a disposable pastry bag, cut the tip and fill the mold. When the mold is filled, tap it on the counter several times to remove any air bubbles.

6. Chill the mold in the refrigerator or freezer until candy is set. When the mold appears frosted it’s ready to unmold. Unmold the candies onto a dishcloth or waxed paper, about an inch from the surface, gently flex or tap the mold and outcome your treats!

Note: If you choose to do two tones colors e.g. spoon in pink chocolate let the coating set for 5 minutes, then add the next color for additional minutes.

Let me know how you did. Serve and Enjoy!

Candy Melts can be purchased at a cake decorating store
Wrapping Instructions: place candy dish on a 7 inch heart or round cake board with a paper dollie then wrap with clear cellophane paper tied with a pretty ribbon