I used to make my royal icing with raw egg whites, but since our food chain has changed throughout the years I now use meringue powder. Meringue Powder is made from dried egg whites, sugar, and gum, along with other ingredients.

At first I was extrememly cautious about using the meringue powder but when I tried it Ifell in love with it. It produce a much better quality  than my old recipe. Why did I switch because the price of eggs started going up and I got tried of throwing my eggs out, I hate to waste. This is a very good recipe I got this recipe from one of my most favorite blogs Sweetopia.

You can cut this recipe in half

Royal Icing

6 oz. warm water

5 T. (1/4 cup + 1 T.) meringue powder

1 t. cream of tartar

2.25 lb. sugar

mixing warm h20 with m. powder

If you don’t have a timer buy one. The one that has a timer, clock, and count-up this will help you in this recipe.

Step 1. Adding warm water and the merigue powder to a mixing bowl, and using a hand held whisk. Whisk for 30 seconds. It will have a foamy consistency.

Step 2. Add the cream of tartar to the mixing bowl for additional 30 seconds. It will still have the same look as in step 1.

adding 10x sugar

Step 3. Add the confectioners sugar to the mixing bowl with a paddle attachment on slow speed for 10 minutes. If you’re meringue powder has no vanilla add 1 t. of clear vanilla or any clear extract. In the past when I have run out of vanilla I have used coconut as well.

end results

Step 4. After mixing for 10 minutes the consistency of the mixture should look almost like stiff egg whites.

cover with plastic wrap

Step 5. If you’re not ready to use your royal icing right away place a piece of plastic wrap a the surface to prevent it from drying out. If you have left overs it can be transfer to a clear plastic container with a clear plastic wrap on the surface with a lid on it, place it in a dry cool place for up to 2 weeks.