Cookie Decorating, the possibilities are endless. After graduating from Restaurant School my very first job was working at CBK Cookies here in NYC where I learn how to make: drop, molded, pressed, refrigerator, and decorated cookies. My favorite type of cookie category is decorating cookies. I love the different styles of cookie cutters and techniques that can be use on a single cookie, a cookie shape is your canvas like an artist. As a cookie artist you can decorate shapes for every occasion: birthdays, weddings, baby showers, fashion, housewarming gifts, holidays, animals, people, cars, vegetables, fruits, fast foods, a bowl of mac n’ cheese, and so on.

Checkout my post on How To Make Royal Icing, Sorry for how the pictures look, it’s only me that takes them and my digital camera broke recently, so please bare with me. Thanks.

Cookie Decorating Tools

1. Clean damp cloths

2. Decorating Featherweight Bags or disposable bags (the cost is cheaper)

3. Decorating couplers

4. Decorating Tips 1-5

5. Food gel coloring ( Wilton or Americolor)

6. Silicone decorating tip cover set

7. Toothpicks or popsicle sticks

8. Icing Bag Ties (Wilton) or rubber bands

Preparing a Featherweight or Plastic Decorating Bag w/ Coupler

IMG00850-20130212-0148 IMG00851-20130212-0150

Picture 1: Drop a the coupler base end 1st, into the bag and push it down as far as it will go. Picture 2: Use a pencil or a marker to mark the outside of the bag where the bottom screw (closet to the tip) is outlined against the bag material.

IMG00852-20130212-0151  IMG00853-20130212-0151

Picture 3: Push the coupler base up into the bag, so you can cut along the line.      Picture 4: Push the base of the coupler down through the opening. Place the metal decorating tip over the base extending from the bag, put the ring over the tip and twist it on, locking the tip in place.


Picture 5: This is the end result of how your bag should look, in this picture I’m using a disposable decorating bag. The cap on top of the tip is call silicone decorating tip cover. This will keep your icing from running out from the tip and keep icing from forming a crust.

Filling Your Decorating Bag:


Picture 1: Hold bag with 1 hand and fold down the top with the other hand to form a cuff over your hand.


Picture 2: The general rule is to fill your bag 1/2 – 1 cup of icing depending on much you really need for the design. Be very careful not to overfill the bag, overfilling will cause the icing to spill out at the top of the bag. Squeeze the bag with the spatula between your thumb and finger while removing the angled spatula


Picture 3: Close the bag by unfolding the cuff and twisting the bag, this will force the icing down into the bag. If you do not have an icing bag tie handy you can substitute with rubber bands, instead. Use the icing tie to secure the bag, so the icing will not drip out at the top. Place the bag between your thumb and forefinger, wrap your left or right hand around the bag so you can squeeze the icing. Being that I’m right-handed I will use my index and middle finger on my left hand as a guide when I decorate.