Happy “Love” Day to everyone! Everyday needs to be Valentine’s Day, just saying I Love You to our spouse and our good friends and family make a big difference in our lives. Let’s make today special, especially for who have lost their love ones due to war, sickness, or for some other reason. Let’s put a smile on their faces, especially their children who were left behind suddenly. It’s a special Blessing to see a child’s face light up when they receive a box of chocolates and teddy bear, let them know you care.
Sunday is “Random Act of Kindness Day” doing good for someone else, make today (Sunday). Let’s all bring joy to each other and make today count!




Making cake pops takes a patience and practice. To be honest it took me at 3-6 times before I master this technique. I learn how to make cake pops from Angie Dudley. I have both her books which is extremely helpful, each book will show you step by step pictures, as well as her website: bakerella.blogspot   Have A Lovely Day!