Happy Friday! There’s no better time to have your favorite frozen treat. Whoever said that we HAVE to eat ice cream only during the summer months, was lying cause that’s not true. Ice cream is not only just for kids it’s for us adults too. These ice cream sandwiches are for the sophisticated palates for those who are serious ice cream fans.

These frozen treats are very easy to make you can use either any flavor ice cream or gelato and add your favorite toppings. You can even dip one side in milk chocolate, then the other half in dark, then dip in white chocolate YUM! OR chocolate-hazelnut spread with white chocolate-raspberry. In the picture below I used vanilla gelato, rolled the sides in a few of my favorite toppings: Butterfinger, toasted coconut, and Oreos. If you don’t have time to make your own ice cream or gelato just buy your favorite brand from your local supermarket.

Ice cream 5


homemade oreos or store brought chocolate wafers

Vanilla Gelato or store brought gelato or ice cream

For each sandwich: Put a small scoop (about 2 T.) ice cream or gelato on a chocolate wafer cookie. Top with the other cookie and press gently, but firmly until ice cream shows at edges. Freeze at least 4 hours until hard or wrap well, freeze for 1 month.

To serve: Roll ice cream or gelato around edge of sandwich in your favorite toppings.

More Suggestions: Rolled in chopped chocolate espresso beans, chopped nuts, sprinkles, fruit, and so on.  Enjoy!