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Doughnutplant. This is a doughnut shop for the sophisticated adult who want something sweet, but not playful. This one of my favorite donut shops here in NYC. The extraordinary shop has two locations here in NYC: 379 Grand St. & @ the Chelsea Hotel 222 W. 23 rd St. The doughnut plant shop decor (Chelsea Hotel)  has marbled floors, Victorian style furniture, and handcrafted doughnut shape pillows. The doughnut plant takes donuts to a different level with fillings like meyer lemon and creme brulle, each donut is custom-filled to perfection.

My experience was Great, I was greeted by Josh who is extremely friendly, helpful, and professional. I told Josh I haven’t been here in over two years, he asked me which flavor did I have back in 2011, I told him the peanut butter and blackberry square donut. He highly recommended that I have the carrot cake, Josh was right this is a very flavorful, moist, and delectable cake donut filled cream cheese. The prices run from $2.25-$3.25 each, their selections: yeast, cake, filled square, and doughseed.


carrot donut 2

p.b.& jelly donut

This donut is filled with blackberry jam, peanut butter is spread on top, crunchy peanuts. YUM!

2. Holey Cream. 796 9th Avenue, NYC. Online Delivery for NYC ONLY. After a stressful day of work what better way to treat yourself to a donut ice cream sandwich? (HUH???) Sure, you can go to Dunkin Donuts/Ben & Jerry’s shop and be fulfill and get your fix OR you can go to the Holey Cream, a small version of being inside Willy Wonka World. This place makes their own homemade ice creams, as well as frozen yogurt,  low-fat yogurt, soft serve, sorbet, cookies, cupcakes, brownies,  shakes, frappes, smoothies, hot and cold beverages.

Holey Cream is a sweet shop for all ages both young and mature. It’s THEE place for a doughnut ice cream sandwich a delicious , delectable, and sugary high treat. This is a must have dessert item customize the way you want it. When I walked in I was greeted immediately, I started to look at their eye-catching menu boards. When I was ready to order my Holey Cream Specialist, Camille was extremely friendly, helpful, and courteous in helping me to decide. I told her it was my first time here, she offer me many samples, the first step is getting a donut with or without chocolate/vanilla icing. 2nd choosing your dry toppings: cereal, cookie pieces, colorful sprinkles, and candy pieces. The 3rd step is picking your frozen dessert, you can have up to 1-3 or more scoops on your donut. A must have is their homemade oatmeal raisin cookie so goooood! Their donuts are fresh and flavorful.

donut sandwhich

This is topped with vanilla glaze, electric blue sprinkles, 3 scoops of ice cream all homemade: red velvet cupcake, oatmeal raisin cookie, and pretzel. All 3 scoops were very delicious and flavorful.

3. Dough. 448 Lafayette and Franklin, Brooklyn, NYC. Dough is small bakery shop, when you walk in everyone greets you in a polite manner, not only do you receive friendly service, you also get to smell freshly, fluffy, yeast raised doughnuts in a variety of mouth-watering treats. Also you’re able to see  in the kitchen on how your donuts are being prepared; dough uses clever glazes: passionfruit with cocoa nibs, chocolate earl grey, just to name a few.

It was so hard to choose from so many enticing flavors, but given the size of these treats I knew I had to cut it down a bit. I was told by two female cops that the toasted coconut is really good, it was fresh, fluffy, and airy. They were out of stock of their best seller the magenta hibiscus with hibiscus flowers. Each donut costs about $2.25 each.

toasted coconut    cheesecake w graham cracker

blood orange   passionfruit w cocoa nibs

4. Doughnuttery. Chelsea Market, 425 W. 15 St. NYC. This is for those of us who really love, love, donuts without having large portions, but still want to enjoy bite-size treat without the guilt. These donuts are sold as 1/2 dozen to 1 dozen, they are fried in trans fat-free oil. There are 3 selections: sugared, classic, and dough dips.

Both adults and children can see how their favorite treat is being made right before their eyes; the batter goes inside of a donut deposit over a stream of very hot oil, when the donut turns brown it flips out on its own onto dry paper towels. Once drained, your handed a wax brown bag with your chose of flavor sugars: urban monkey, paris time, the purple pig, and other varieties as well. If sugar flavor not for you can do the old-fashioned way: cinnamon, sugar, or powdered; or try dipping them in pumpkin beer caramel, toffee sauce, or raspberry vinaigrette. I choose two flavors: cheeky peach mixed w/ peaches, raspberry, and rose petals & the flecked strawberry: hints of spices both very flavorful and tasty. The customer service was terrific.

IMG00932-20130228-1724     IMG00933-20130228-1724

IMG00936-20130228-1728     IMG00934-20130228-1726

5. The Donut Pub. 203 West 14 St. NYC

This is an old school donut shop, you know the one you would passed by on your way going to school in the mornings. This is the kind of place we would visit our grandparents on the Holidays or sunday afternoons. The donuts are fresh with awesome flavors: Blueberry, honey dipped, chocolate cream, only just to name a few. Just to let you know their open 24 hrs. so you can have your treat all night long. The customer service is average.