What is Fondant? It’s what bakers call “Sugar Play Doh”. Fondant is used to cover wedding cakes to give the cake a polish clean look. Fondant can also be used to cover cookies, cupcakes, and candies. Fondant can be store-brought or homemade.

To make these cookies you will need:

Vanilla Sugar Cookie; Vanilla Buttercream; Royal Icing.

Onesie or baby suit cookie cutter                  Impression Mat

Fondant rolling-pin – 9 in.                             Medium Blossom Ejector

Roll & cut Mat (optional)                               Gel paste icing colors

Fondant smoother                                       Tweezers

Angled spatula                                            Water

Gum glue                                                    Damp cloth

Fondant/gum paste storage board                 Small Paintbrushes (2)

Piping tip # 2                                               Toothpicks

Rainbow Disco Dust

Pasta machine (optional)


Step: 1 – Cut off desired amount of white or pre-color fondant and roll into a ball.  Knead your fondant (like bread) so it can be more pliable and soft. If you didn’t purchase pre-color fondant you will need to tint white color fondant with a gel paste color. Using a toothpick, add dots of icing color in several spots. For smaller amounts of fondant use 2 in. ball or smaller. Remember: these colors are highly concentrated they can stain your hands, wear plastic gloves. Add a little color @ a time until you reach your desire color.

colorin fondant

Step 2: After you reach your desire color, you can either roll out your fondant or use a pasta machine. If you don’t have a pasta machine, apply a thin layer of shortening on your work surface or sprinkle the surface with 1 T. ea. cornstarch and confectioners sugar. Knead the fondant until pliable before rolling with a 9 in. fondant roller. Use medium pressure and the palms of your hands to push the fondant roller as you roll. Always roll from the center to the edges. Do not turn the fondant over as you roll.

rolling out fondant

Step 3:  Add a very thin layer of buttercream icing with angled spatula; this will act as a glue on the cookie. Use the same cookie cutter and apply it the fondant as you would rolling out sugar cookies, pull the fondant up from around the cutter. Lift one end of the shape with tweezers then use your hands and place onto cookie. Use a fondant smoother to smooth the fondant with a light pressure. Let your cookie dry for a few minutes.


Step 4: To make decorations: in the picture above I use an impression mat with a medium blossom ejector (the flower); Apply a thin layer of vegetable shortening to your roll & cut mat or sprinkle your work surface with confectioners sugar, roll out fondant to 1/16 (thin) but too to thin. Position the medium blossom ejector and push down cutter portion to cut.


Dust Impression Mat with confectioners’ sugar so it won’t stick. Position the ejector over the matching blossom shape and press down to create veining in top and bottom of blossom.


Lift up ejector and press plunger to release blossom

lift up ejector

Let your blossoms dry overnight in the fondant/gum paste storage board or in a airtight container in a cool dry place.

After your decorations have dry, dip a small paintbrush in a little bit of plain water. With your finger hold for 10 seconds before you release, let cookies dry. Optional: disco dust can be used with a small brush apply it slightly and let cookies dry completely. In the picture below, I want to show you how your cookies will sparkle when using disco dust.

disco dust cookie

baby shower cookies

For the buttons I used royal icing and color fondant. If using royal icing use tip #2; for the fondant use tip #5 @ the  smaller end of the tip, I ran out of royal icing it’s not necessarily to use this method, but another option.

Be creative with your cookies show your family and friends what you can do & have fun. Pack your pretty creations in clear cellophane bags and tie it with a pretty colorful ribbon.

note: There are different brands of Fondant on the market. Satin Ice is top of the line; very soft and don’t require a lot of kneading & taste great too, sold in many cake decorating stores. Fondarific- Is similar to Satin Ice but it comes with a few options: a wide selection of tasty flavors: coffee, grape, strawberry, & etc., Fondarific offers sample packs I believe up to six flavors.           HAPPY BAKING!