What’s a cupcake without icing? Boring. The best way to enjoy a cupcake is a delicious creamy frosting with lots of flavor and hand-made decorations. In this post I’m going to show you a few techniques on how to frost your cupcakes.

In Lesson 1 we learned how to make and bake cupcakes; in Lesson 2 we talked about how to use a standard muffin pan to bake cupcakes and how to use different types of paper liners in baking.

To ice your cupcakes you will need:

A batch of Vanilla Buttercream

A batch of Vanilla Cupcakes &/or Chocolate Cupcakes

Piping/Pastry bags (Plastic or Canvas)

Pastry tips # 61, 1A, 1M, 2D, 868, 12, 233,

Gel paste colors

Plastic spoons or knives

Icing bag ties

To set up your pastry bag with pastry tips; checkout this post on cookie decorating basics on how to prepare and fill your pastry bag step by step. If you’re using one color frosting you can just drop the piping tip in the bag without the coupler. But if you’re planning to use the same color with different piping tips then follow this method with a coupler it will save you time; using more pastry bags. After you prepare your pastry bag fill it with icing, it’s time to decorate.

Pipe some frosting onto a sheet of paper towel, just to practice to get the feel of holding the bag in your hand, there’s a great tutorial at Wilton fill the decorating bag.

In Lesson 2, I showed you the most common pastry tips that’s used in cupcake decorating, here’s a much better picture.

IMG_0765 (1)

Tip 1M – This is a large star tip, used to create a classy swirl look. Start on the outside of the cupcake counterclock wise with a 90 degree angle, continue piping STOP in the middle and pull up.

Tip 868- Large wide star tip used to create tiny ridged swirls. Hold the tip @ a 90 degree angle in the center add medium pressure, STOP in the middle and pull up. This pastry tip is also used on mini cupcakes.

Tip 2D For a fluffier, ribbon-like frost, start on the edge of the cupcake add a lot of pressure as you build up the frosting similar to Tip 1M STOP in the middle then pull up.

Tip 1 A. – This my favorite. Creating a cloud like look. Hold the tip at 90 degrees angle to top center of the cake, and squeeze the frosting out until it covers the cake. Then lift, the bag just slightly, and repeat for a small layer. Or use the Tip 1M method.


Pretty Rose: Violet. Pipe with tip 1M start in the middle with a 90 degree angle & apply pressure going towards your left continue to go around stop at the edge after the second time around, Stop and pull away.

circles n circles

Circles in motion. Lemon yellow icing. Tip 2A or 12  Pipe spiral at the center of cupcake, continue to go around until you stop at edge.

tip 61

Garden Beauty. Teal tip 61 Pipe in a zig zag motion starting at the edge of the cupcake with the wide end out. Hold the cupcake in your left hand and turn as you pipe with your right hand as you add each row of petals stop at the top and pull away. Repeat. Until you come to the top

lady bug cupcake

Spring is in the air – Leaf green. Tip 233 start piping at the edge of the cupcake with medium pressure and pull up, then stop. Repeat. Till the hold cupcake is completed. Fondant ladybug-  body- quarter size of red fondant rolled in a tiny small ball, for the head the size of a penny using black fondant. Using a Veining tool draw a line, then a food color marker for the black dots.

spring cupcakes

These were a few examples on how to decorate your cupcakes. The sky is limit on what you can do, don’t limit yourself in your creativity. Cupcakes can also decorated with sparkling sugars, pearl dots, colorful sprinkles, pretty flowers, & etc. After you decorate your beautiful cupcakes display them on a wire or cardboard cupcake tree or use different size cake stands your guest will be impressed.