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On Friday, March 15, I saw a pretty red bird flying by on the Upper West Side here in New York City along Columbus Avenue, once I saw it, I knew that Spring was right around the corner. Today is the First Day of Spring! I’m looking forward to see all the flowers blossom. Especially at the Botanical Garden here in New York City. To bring in the season I decided to share with a tutorial on how to make Gerbera Daisies. In the above photo I place the cupcakes in pink pastel flower baking cups they can be brought from Wilton.

You will need:

Any color gum paste                         Water                                          Zip lock bags

Small daisy cutter                             Tapered Spatula                            Ball Tool

Gum paste Storage Board                 Impression mat                        small paintbrush

Dusting Pouch                                 4 in. flower foaming cup

Thick Pointed Modeling Stick             9in. Fondant Roller with Pink Rings

Foam shaping mat                           Veining Tool


rolling out gump


Photo1: Sprinkle your work surface with confectioners sugar with a little bit of vegetable shortening or a turn the gum paste storage board over & roll out gum paste with 9 inch fondant roller with pink rings. The rings are used to be a guide to achieve the perfect thickness, roll out to 1/16 in. Using small daisy cutter, cut one large daisy shape using a gentle twisting motion to separate flower from gum paste. Any left over portions should be stored in a zip loc storage bag so the gum paste won’t dry out. In the above photo I wanted to show what the gum paste storage looks like when it’s turned over.




Photo 2 (w/the ball tool): Sprinkle foam mat with confectioners’ sugar slightly lengthen each petal by sliding large end of ball tool down the middle of the petal from center to tip of the petal. If you press the ball tool to hard it will tear the petal, as you do this step your petals with begin to curl; only do this once not twice or it will tear.

Photo 3: Use wide end of Veining tool to draw a line in the center of each petal, working from the tip toward the center.

Photo 4:  Sprinkle 3 in. flower foaming cup and position flower. In the meantime, start making gerbera daisy centers, sprinkle gerbera daisy impression mat with confectioners sugar mixture. Press a pea size, gum paste (your color) into a small mold. Trim if necessary, release from mold, bend the mat slightly then center will pop out.

Note: Instead of making each daisy one by one, you can cut out a bunch of them and store in your gum paste mold until ready to form with a ball tool.


Brush center of small daisy flower with a little bit of water. Attach center and allow to dry in 3 in. forming cup. It’s best to let daisies dry overnight. These flowers can even be made 3-6 months in advance, in cardboard box. There are two types of gerbera daisy cutter check out the resources below.

Resource List:

Gerbera Daisy Cutter ( Wilton is much cheaper)

Gerbera Daisy Cutter ( Global sugar art more expensive and a huge range of cutters)

Gerbera daisy Impression Mat or Michaels  – Michaels sells a huge selection of Wilton products; they also offer on-line coupons that can be used.

Veining Tool, ball tool, thick pointing tool, flower foaming cup, fondant roller, can be purchase from Wilton or Global sugar art or your favorite cake decorating shop.

Just one more thing if you purchase the plunger gerbera daisy from Global Sugar Art skip step 3.

I used a batch, Vanilla Buttercream icing for the vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, then used  green gel paste color.