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jungle animal cupcakes

Happy Friday Everyone!  I hope everyone had a great week. I made these vanilla cupcakes for a child’s birthday party with handmade fondant decorations. For the toppers I made a tiger, giraffe, hippo, elephant, panda, zebra, and frog.

I love to working with fondant. I prefer fondant over buttercream cakes anytime of the week. I believe that fondant gives your cakes, cookies,  and cupcakes a more finish look. I decided to show you how to make one of these cupcake toppers today, the monkey.  Most of these animal faces took me from 1-3 days, because of the details and drying time. Most of my ideas came from the animal sites and stickers I brought at Micheals Art and Craft stores.

Before we begin, you will need a batch of your favorite Vanilla cupcakes, if you are don’t know how make and bake cupcakes, just checkout my post on Cupcake Decorating-2. After your cupcakes cool, make a batch of Vanilla Buttercream Icing, to color the icing use leaf green gel paste. To give your cupcakes that grass look use icing tip #233; I also give directions how to use tip 233 Cupcake Decorating-3.

Here’s what you will need:

Natural Colors Fondant  Multi packs ( dark brown and light brown colors)

Veining Tool

Black Edible fine tip food marker

1/2 ounce water

1 small paintbrush

1. Use a thick piece of dark fondant from the multi pack, shape it into the size of your thumb.

monkey (ball)

2. Flatten it out just a little at the top. With your index finger and thumb squeeze the sides to give the monkey’s head a slight curve. It looks almost like a purse.

shape monkey face

3. Roll two small balls from dark brown fondant for the ears. Roll the them out into oval shapes, flatten slightly a little, not smash. With your paintbrush glue them 2 the sides with a little bit of water.

add monkey ears

4. With the light brown fondant form two small balls and an oval shape for the monkey’s mouth.

monkey face pieces

5. Flatten each piece slightly and glue each piece with a little bit of water to the monkey face. Use the small end of the veining tool, make a crease down the center. From the dark brown fondant make a tiny ball and glue it with water to make the nose.

monkey face togethr

7. Use the black edible marker to make the eyes. To give the monkey a smile I took a decorating tip’s wide end a made a slight indentation.

monkey is done

8. If you like you can add the light brown fondant to give the ears more definition, by adding additional smaller balls to the ears. In the above photo.