16 Handles. New York City’s hot spot for a frozen treat on a scorching hot day. This is my #1 favorite frozen yogurt shop here in NYC; 16 handles has over 20 locations throughout Manhattan; as well as in Brooklyn, Queens, & other parts of New York State.

I normally go to the one that’s located on 6th Avenue and 12th Street, a few blocks from 14th street Union Square. My experience was superb, when you first walk in the staff tells each and every customer ” Welcome to 16 Handles”. My handler was Nate, who has a fun, loving and warm personality. He was standing in the back by the yogurt machines, he told me whatever flavor I would like to try, he would offer me a sample; my first taste was the Tahitian Vanilla mmm.. good made with real vanilla beans it’s worth the trip! Mint Chocolate Chip with real mint & chocolate chips, and the best flavor is their Mango Sorbet it’s like eating a over ripe mango you just picked from the mango tree in Jamaica. Also check out the Berry Medley it’s very refreshing; and don’t forget the toppings: fresh fruit, candy, decadent sauces, & fresh vanilla whip cream.

16 Handles offers nonfat and low-fat yogurt,  2 flavors that are sugar-free always, and sorbet. Throwing a birthday party 16 handles offers frozen yogurt cakes too.

Hot spot in NYC



2. Red Mango. My 2nd favorite location for frozen yogurt and smoothies.

When you enter into their stores the staff will hand to you three small sample cups for you to pick and choose the flavor you prefer. I tried the Caribbean Coconut, it has a rich and creamy flavor; it reminds me of being on a cruise in the islands. The Dark Chocolate is the most delicious chocolate I have ever had it taste sooooo goood! It’s made from Belgium chocolate, it’s like eating a rich dark chocolate cupcake with dark chocolate frosting yum! My flavor was the Lemonade belivee it or not it wasn’t tart at all, it’s sweet and creamy, my most favorite flavor is the White Peach,  the flavor is sweet and juicy; it reminds me of sitting on a porch in Georgia. Their yogurt is rich in calcium, protein, and has live active cultures, along with tasty fresh and dry toppings.



This is a frozen yogurt wheel, just like “wheel of fortune”  so you can win prizes for either a free yogurt or get an extra discount. Just another way to pull in consumers on Scorching Hot Day!

3. Brooklyn Ice Factory. I first heard about this place about 2 years ago Food Network’ show “Unwrapped” with Marc Summers. Marc said it was one of the best ice cream shops here in Brooklyn, but every time I went the line was out of the door. On July 4th, after having lunch with a very good friend, Janelle B., we to the Promenade. It’s a very beautiful walk way that over looks the South Street Seaport, Wall Street, Statue of Liberty, Governors Island, Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, and etc.

As I said earlier the line is always out the door, once we finally got in, the young lady behind the counter was extremely polite, the Brooklyn ice cream factory makes their own ice cream from scratch which is always a good thing. The sample of the day was Blueberry Chip and Raspberry Chip: the raspberry wasn’t all that, but that blueberry chip was super tasty. I also sample their Peaches n’ Cream, very light, creamy when I go back I will get that scoop. One scoop cost $4.00 but it’s worth it cause it made from scratch,  you can also purchase packed pints, milkshakes and sundaes.

IMG01381-20130706-1912 (1)

The Brooklyn Bridge

IMG01387-20130706-1917 (1)

We were lucky the line is usually longer than this.

IMG01385-20130706-1915 (1)


4. Pinkberry. Is more of a sophisticated, trendy place for those who want a little different every now and then. Pinkberry’s tart. frozen yogurt has a huge “groupie following”. Their yogurt is made with nonfat milk and other live cultures which produces a sweet and tangy flavor. Out of their flavors my choice was their peanut butter, very delicious and creamy all I needed was some grape jelly syrup to go on top.


Pinkberry Menu


5. Yogonyc. New York City’s first yogurt shop on wheels is call YOGO. Whether you’re out shopping on 34th street, in the middle of Times Square, Financial District, or out with friends you are guarantee to see this big pink truck on wheels. Before NYC was flooded with food trucks this was the only truck serving something healthy on the go.

YOGO serves two types of yogurt only tart and vanilla. The tart has a citrus taste and the vanilla is creamy. YOGO yogurt has low cholesterol, low sodium, nonfat, gluten-free, and source of protein. Heavy on the toppings. from fresh berries, chocolate, coconut, candy, rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, and etc. Small cost $4.00, Med $ 6.00, & the Large $8.00. But it’s worth it!